Media & Outreach


Nobelprize in physics for topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter

The 2016 Nobelprize in physics was awarded to Kosterlitz, Thouless and Haldane for their contributions to the discovery of topological phase transitions and topological phases. I had the honor of sharing my enthusiasm for this in a piece in the dutch newspaper NRC.

De kennis van nu

Erik featured in an article (September 2016) discussing an experimental method to generate random numbers using quantum technology. The article can be found here

Swammerdam: wetenschap te Amsterdam

Erik van Heumen was interviewed at Amsterdam FM radio in the sunday morning show Swammerdam: wetenschap te Amsterdam (6 November, 2011). The interview was about using ultra low temperatures and unconventional superconductivity (no longer available online).



Participant in the ’Very Short Introduction’ competition, 29  October 2009 , Academic-cultural centre ’Spui 25 ’. The idea behind a VSI is that the speaker explains a concept or subject in 5  minutes. The subject of my VSI was emergence in condensed matter systems and its relation to the phenomenon of superconductivity.

Montessori Lyceum

2010: Popular talk for highschool students at the Montessori Lyceum by Erik van Heumen.